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We are a family owned and operated, licensed and insured firearms training business in Pinellas County Florida.  Owners John and Angel are NRA Certified Pistol Instructors, Certified Home Firearms Safety, Range Safety Officers, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructors. We are also USCCA certified instructors. Our current classes include a Basic Pistol class which after completed will earn you a firearms certificate you can submit with your Concealed Carry permit application. We also offer a Family Firearms Safety class for the entire family which teaches safe gun handling and home storage.

Want your children to know what to do to keep themselves and friends safe when they encounter a firearm? Bring them to a Family Firearm Safety class. We incorporate the NRA Eddie The Eagle program for children into our lessons for children.  Never worry again what you child will do if they find a firearm. Always know they will Stop! Don't touch! Run away! and Tell and Grown Up!

We also offer the NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim program which teaches tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situation and to avoid becoming a victim along with other basic and advanced classes.

We incorporate classroom instruction along with range time so you will be not only familiar with firearms and their operation but confident in your ability to protect you and your family.

We feel it is also important to know how to take care or yourself and family medically in case of emergency not only in a shooting situation but other medical emergencies.  We also teach American Safety & Health Institute adult, child, and infant CPR/AED as well as Basic First Aid training and BLS CPR class.We offer classes for 1 to 20 people. We will also come to your business within a reasonable distance to teach your business CPR, Basic First Aid, or BLS CPR.

Our newest addition to our training tools is a shooting simulator.  You can  now learn drawing from your holster in a completely safe manner. Our simulator also has real life shoot/don't shoot situations. Contact us for simulator times. 

Pinellas Firearms Training, LLC is also a U.S. Law Shield facility.  We host U.S. Law Shield workshops and you can either come in and see us to sign up for U.S. Law Shield's legal defense program or sign up online using our promo code PFTLLC for 2 free months of the program.

If you are interested in a class but may have special
 scheduling needs please contact us 
By phone - 727-242-5192 (leave a message)
Email - pinellasfirearmstraining@gmail.com 
or fill out the contact form on this page. 
We will be happy to work with you to schedule a class that will work with everyone's schedule.  
We may also offer special times for larger groups or families that would like to set up their own private classes. 

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